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Net Sessions 6 (Ogg version)

This issue of The Net Sessions is a bit different to my previous podcasts, indeed to most conventional podcasts, as it is a Podcast With An Appendix.

Also enclosed with this audio file is a playlist file which will take you - provided you are on-line at the time, of course - to a number of other audio files available for streaming on the net dealing with cricket over the last couple of weeks.

This is not, I stress, part of my podcast, nor am I attempting to pinch other people's work. Think of it in a similar way to a web page or blog entry which gives a list of links to related items elsewhere on the web. The playlist enables you to stream, not download these audio files, and I recommend that you read the terms and conditions on the copyright owners' websites before using them in any other manner. Of course, these links may break in the future as files are archived or removed, and I have no control over this.

If this experiment with the appendix playlists is successful, I'll repeat it in future editions. Please email me if you have any feedback or questions.

There's a total of 45 minutes' listening in eight MP3 audio files. The first five consist of the daily highlights of the First Test between Australia and South Africa at the WACA, which finished in a draw on Tuesday. These highlights from ABC radio come to you from the Cricket Australia website, They are followed by the post-match comments of the two captains, firstly Ricky Ponting and then Graeme Smith, again from Cricket Australia. The last audio is a ten-minute feature on the first Australian cricket team to tour England, the Aboriginal team of 1868. This runs for about ten minutes and is from SBS Radio's English-language nightly news program, Worldview. Their website is

Attached files: The Net Sessions 6 (Ogg Vorbis) and streaming playlist file.