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Great moments in media diversity

Submitted by rickeyre on January 8, 2006 - 4:16am

Ricky Ponting's historic match-winning century at the SCG yesterday made the front page of all today's local papers, as the collage below demonstrates.

Reuters photographer David Gray captured Ponting's moment of ecstacy after scoring the winning boundary. Competing broadsheets The Weekend Australian (top left, owned by News Ltd) and the Sydney Morning Herald (bottom right, owned by John Fairfax and Sons) displayed their intense rivalry by publishing the exact same shot.

Media diversity in eastern New South Wales, 7 January 2006

At least the Daily Telegraph (top right, owned by News Ltd) and the Newcastle Herald (bottom left, owned by John Fairfax and Sons) chose different frames from the same sequence.

Thank goodness La Fiamma doesn't print a Saturday edition. Ricky Ponting è il più grande!