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Fighting postmodern relativism with primitive revisionism

MAXINE McKEW: Are you getting complaints from parents or have you talked to, say, history teachers?

JOHN HOWARD: It is self-apparent. It is obvious to me that there's -


JOHN HOWARD: From talking to people. The increasing number of people I talk to, younger people, who don't have a full understanding of some of these things.

[and later in the same interview]

MAXINE McKEW: Has this come to your attention because there are, say, younger people in your office or other ministers' offices that are ignorant of these issues?

JOHN HOWARD: It is everywhere apparent. It is not just in offices.

(source: Interview, The 7.30 Report, ABC-TV, 25.1.06)

Earlier that day, Australia's most anti-intellectual Prime Minister in living memory dropped a bombshell in his Australia Day address to the National Press Club in Canberra, when he used the words "postmodern" and "relativism", not just in the same speech, but in the same sentence. To put this into perspective, a search of the comprehensive transcript database on the Prime Ministerial website shows this is as being the first time he has used either word in public since becoming PM.

While it's not yet known who ghosted his speech (which can be read in full here)