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GW Bush: Commander in chief, and cricket match person

Submitted by rickeyre on February 26, 2006 - 2:36pm

A latent cricket fan, or an ignoramus about Indian culture (and, indeed, of non-American cinema)? You be the judge.

From the transcript of Bush 43's round table interview with Indian journalists in the White House last Wednesday:

Q Between a cricket match and a Bollywood movie, what would a --

THE PRESIDENT: Cricket match and a --

Q You like watching?

THE PRESIDENT: What was the second?

Q It's between a Bollywood movie and a cricket match.
THE PRESIDENT: I'm a cricket match person. (Laughter.) I appreciate it. As I understand it, I may have a little chance to learn something about cricket. It's a great pastime. (Laughter.)

One wonders if Bush has ever met Gladstone Dainty, or even heard of him. I bet he knows Allen Stanford...