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Happy 10th anniversary

JOHN HOWARD— Militarism and aggression are the foundations of his [Saddam Hussein's] regime. If you doubt this, consider his actions against Iraqi Kurds, against the Shiah majority—particularly the Marshland Arabs. Consider the estimated 400,000 combatants and civilians who lost their lives in the war that followed his invasion of Iran—

ANTHONY ALBANESE—We were on his side, you dope!

The SPEAKER—The member for Grayndler will excuse himself from the House under the provisions of standing order 304A.

(Source: Hansard, House of Representatives, 18 March 2003)

The HON.GEORGE WALKER BUSH -Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power? Surely not the dissidents who would be in his prisons or end up in his mass graves. Surely not the men and women who would fill Saddam's torture chambers and rape rooms. Surely not the families of the victims he murdered with poison gas. Surely not anyone who cares about human rights, democracy and stability in the Middle East. Today, Saddam's regime is gone, and no-one—


The SPEAKER—Senator Brown, I warn you.


The SPEAKER—Senator Brown will excuse himself from the House. The serjeant will remove Senator Brown from the House.

(Source: Hansard, Address by the President of the United States to the Australian Parliament, 23 October 2003)

It was ten years ago today, 2 March 1996, that Anthony Albanese and Bob Brown first won election to Federal Parliament, Albanese as ALP member for Grayndler and Brown as Greens senator for Tasmania.

Congratulations to both on ten years in federal parliament!