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Blurring the line between employees and directors is poor corporate governance and presents a potential conflict of interest: the immediate interest of workers, after all, is not always in line with that of the long-term health of the company or its shareholders.
- Editorial, The Australian, 27.3.06

The "company" in question is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The issue is Friday's announcement of a new stage in Johnny's Jihad, the abolition of the staff-elected director on the board of the ABC.

Mull over that quote again (with the knowledge that The Australian is owned by a corporation under the wing of one Keith Rupert Murdoch) and consider it in context with that other major platform of Johnny's Jihad which comes into force today - none other than "WorkChoices".

And there's something else to ponder - why, if you enter, does it take you to ? Why, perchance, does the workchoices site have to be on a secure server?