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Bloggage of Lent

Now that this blog's enforced downtime is out of the way, I'm going to begin a series of posts covering the last days of Christ through from Lent to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascention. This is my first Easter since becoming serious about Christianity, and you can expect to see more reportage of religion in these parts in future.

I still have to sit down and write my background to becoming (returning, in fact) to the Christian faith and my position on religious matters. I stress that my views as expressed here are personal and not necessarily those of my church or the diocese to which it belongs.

I've just discovered this Lent Blog: 2006, which features one posting per day from a group of contributors. Based from Glasgow., which is run by St Mary's Church of Ealing in west London, has been running a similar concept with their Grace Lent blog (their fourth annual Lent blog).

Hopeful Imagination was a less successful attempt to run a daily Lent blog. Another that started with great ambition was Our Short Term Lent Community Blog. Has had its moments, but the posting midway through that starts off "Have we all given up blogging for Lent?" will give some idea.

The Lent Challenge was to read all four gospels during Lent. Essentially a daily link to the relevant scripture on each day.