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But that man with an arm full of cameras assaulted my boot!

Submitted by rickeyre on April 18, 2006 - 2:43am

Today's Daily Star publishes a press release, translated from Bengali to English, issued by the Chittagong Police Commissioner's office regarding yesterday's fracas at the Test. I present the translated release here as published:

It is for everybody's information that on the 16th of April, 2006 just before the start (9.45am) of the second Test between Bangladesh and Australia at the Divisional Stadium a person travelling on a CNG-driven three-wheeler and claiming himself a journalist without presenting any valid identity card tried to forcefully enter through the main gate where security personnel were carrying out vehicle checking and ensuring entry control. When the on-duty force requested him not to enter with the CNG taxi the person claiming to be journalist called the police names and at one stage he tried to pull the on-duty sergeant by his uniform towards the media box. This created an altercation between both parties. It was later found that the claimed to be journalist's name was Tinku. He claimed himself to be the photographer of Prothom Alo. That journalist without bringing this matter to the higher officials' notice entered the playing field along with a few journalists and threatened to spoil the international match and forcefully sat on the cricket pitch.

At this stage the high officials of police and BCB leaders tried to quell them and requested them to leave the field. The officials assured them that the matter would be solved with the presence of all parties during the lunch break. For that the international cricket match started 12 minutes late.

During the lunch break (12.45) the higher authority and BCB officials went near the media centre. Then that journalist along with other journalists misbehaved with police and BCB officials and reentered the ground from the media centre. After police high-ups and BCB officials requested them not to spoil the match by entering the ground those journalists physically assaulted them. When they again entered the playing field to spoil the match on-duty police compelled them to leave the ground for the sake of restoring law and order.

At that time when they scrambled out of the ground a couple of journalists got slightly injured.

Then they illegally entered the rooms of match referee and ESPN to create pressure to stop the match. The match referee ignoring them started the match. By the grace of the Almighty and with everyone's cooperation the match could be resumed despite delay. Such activities by a handful of people severely damaged the country's image. Everybody is requested to shun such unwanted activities for the smooth holding of the match and security of the players.

- Source: The Daily Star, 17.4.06