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Great moments in environmental policy

Not much for me to say except let the great minds speak for themselves:

The Nationals support efforts to reduce Australia's greenhouse emissions but do not support international rules which disadvantage Australian industry and interests.

- from the National Party of Australia's environment and conservation policy

On the other side of the house:

"It's crazy to suggest we need nuclear plants in a state that has some of the most plentiful coal supplies in the world"

- Peter Beattie, ALP Premier of Queensland, 7.6.06 (source: ABC)

And from the man of wisdom himself:

"The principal reason why Australia will not sign the Kyoto protocol is that it is not in Australia's interest to do so. We take decisions not based on ideology or prejudice; we take decisions that are based overwhelmingly on a consideration of the national interest."

- one of many similar statements on the Kyoto Protocol from John Winston Howard. This one in reply to a Dorothy Dixer in Federal Parliament, 16.2.05 (Source: Hansard)