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Purely commercial reasons...

Chris Masters' long-awaited unauthorised biography of infamous Sydney squawkmeister Belford Parrott has been shelved. The book, tentatively titled "Jonestown", was intended as a follow-up to Masters' Four Corners report on Mr Parrott in 2002.

The ABC issued a press release this afternoon, possibly the first press release I can ever recall announcing the non-publication of a book. The decision, according to ABC Enterprises director Robyn Watts, was made for "purely commercial reasons".

Ms Watts went on to say:

"ABC Enterprises has a clear responsibility to deliver a commercial return to the ABC. To proceed with publication will almost certainly result in a commercial loss which would be irresponsible."

While I get back to reading "Simply Stuffed" by HG Nelson, feel free to take a browse through the ABC Shop's book section at all those titles responsibly published by ABC Enterprises to deliver a commercial return.