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Prayer for the Middle East

Pray for peace in the Middle East.

Pray for an end to the hostilities between the Israeli Defence Forces and the Hezbollah militants, and between the Israeli Defence Forces and the militants of the Palestinian Territories.

Pray for the people of Lebanon, Israel and Gaza who have lost family, lost their homes or their livelihoods or have been injured as a result of the bombings in the current conflict. Pray for those people in Lebanon and throughout the Holy Lands who follow the word of the Gospels as delivered by Your son Jesus Christ, that they may find reassurance in your word in these times of war.

Pray for those military personnel who have been captured by opposing forces, that they may be freed and returned to their homelands unharmed.

Pray for the Australians trapped in Lebanon as a result of the disablement of Beirut Airport, that they may be able to return to Australia swiftly and safely. Pray that their friends and family in Lebanon remain unharmed.

Pray for the leaders of the governments and of the militant groups in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. Although they may not worship you, dear Lord, in a way that we believe to be the right way, we pray that they will use their faith in You to bring a return to peace, humanity, and reasoned debate of their differences. Pray that they reject the notions of violent revenge and disproportionate attack.

Pray that those groups who stand outside the law and inflict harm in neighbouring countries be restrained and brought to justice by their governments.

Pray for the G8 Summit in St Petersburg, for the United Nations, and for the heads of government of the leading powers of the world, that they may be able to use their influence wisely and fairly to bring a swift ceasefire.

Pray for the missionaries and aid workers in the Palestinian Territories and throughout the Middle East, and pray for the Bishop of Jerusalem and the clergy of all his parishes across these troubled regions.