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A right way and a wrong way to counter Israel

The UN General Assembly has, quite rightly in my opinion, condemned Israel for the killing of Palestinian civilians in Beit Hanoun on November 8. Their attacks on, and blockading of, the Gaza Strip represent a continuing outrage bordering on the genocidal.

An article posted on the highly recommended today tells of some of the most heartening news I have heard from Gaza for a while. The IDF called off an air raid in northern Gaza on Saturday night after hundreds of civilians barricaded a house earmarked for attack. The best defence against attack, by sheer weight of humanity, and something the locals should have organised sooner.

(It is to the IDF's credit that they do give advance notice to occupants of properties they wish to bomb. But that begs the question, why is bombing the houses of Hamas operatives seen as necessary, or even sensible?)

The same article also highlights the wrong way to stand up to the Israelis, with reports of eight Qassam rockets being fired into the west Negev, thankfully only causing a few injuries. It's time to lay off the Qassams (if there was ever a time to use them). Peaceful, non-violent resistance is the answer - and be sure the world media is paying attention.

Human Rights Watch has it right when it says that "the Palestinian Authority should stop giving a wink and a nod to rocket attacks against civilians and take immediate steps to halt them."