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Gabba Day 1 podcast playlist

Submitted by rickeyre on November 24, 2006 - 9:34am

Just over an hour of bedtime listening late last night for me, with MP3 audio summaries from the ABC, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph and CricInfo. The BBC, Guardian and Telegraph are all producing special daily podcast programs.

The ABC's Ashes podcast feed consists of a collection of four clips, being the stumps summary, two press conference interview and a radio highlights package. All of the ABC's material is also available for download from the Cricket Australia site (which does not have a podcast feed).

CricInfo has a daily summary from Ian Chappell, but they too don't provide a podcast feed.

There are others that eschew the download format, for example the Sydney Morning Herald's "multimedia" display, which consists of a flash slideshow of the day's best action photos with an audio summary by Peter Roebuck over a mediocre phone line.

My pick of the podcasts is the Telegraph's version, called "The Analyst and the Aussie" and starring Simon Hughes and Terry Jenner. The Guardian's program sounds the closest to slick radio-program style production, though the most partisan in its viewpoint. And it did have the misfortune on the first night of a phone interview with Mike Selvey speaking on a packed bus.

Chappelli's contribution is crisp and professional. Everything that Sunil Gavaskar's similar pieces on Indian internationals for Yahoo isn't.

I've created a playlist of all of the abovementioned audiofiles, and that can be reached by clicking on the filename of the attachment below. Please note that this list will stream the files, and is in XSPF format.

The links to the respective podcast feeds are as follows:

Please let me know of there's any that I've missed!

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