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Houston are the champions

The Houston Enforcers are the inaugural champions of the WCL.

The World Combat League, that is. Chuck Norris's baby no less.

Houston defeated the Miami Force 139-131 in the 2006-07 championship game at the Erwin Center, Austin on Saturday. It sounds like an NBA score but it's actually derived from a collection of bouts involving boxing, kick-boxing, taekwondo, kung fu, and a few other flavours of Asian combat sports.

The Los Angeles Stars beat the Philadelphia Fire 144-95 in what I presume was a one-sided third-place playoff. I'm dying to see some box scores.

Failing to qualify for the final four were the Oklahoma Destroyers, Texas Dragons, New York Clash and the New England Strikers. That's the non-Houston Texas, I guess.

The WCL does have an official website and, for what it's worth, an outline of the rules. Could this be the first pro sports league with its own page on Mister Murdoch's Myspace?

There's some great names on the team rosters, my favourites include:

  • Jeri "Fists of Fury" Sitzes (Oklahoma)
  • Dusty "The Dream Killer" Miller (Houston)
  • Angel "The Terminator" Valerio (LA)
  • Tom "The Phenom" Poey (NY)
  • and my top choice, Lawson "Meet Your Maker" Baker (Texas).

Angel the Terminator????

Sunday's Austin American-Statesman has a report on championship day.