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Australia Day Youtubes du Jour

A selection of Youtube images of Australia Day. Makes you long for the good old days of the ocker, eh?

An Australia Day function at Hamilton, Qld, complete with brass band:
[An audiovisual montage of Aussie icons that I had originally linked to here has been removed from Youtube, presumably because of the copious copyright transgressions.]
A radiocontrolledplanecam view of Sydney:
An Australia Day rave. DJ Justice at the Metro, Sydney.
A funny but grotesque look at Australian values, till it turns nasty towards the end (sigh):
That most environmentally unfriendly of Australia Day festivities, the fireworks. Don't try this at home, even those these guys did:
And that ugliest of Australian institutions, the wet T-shirt competition at Story Bridge Hotel, Brisbane:

(Let me just add that I don't endorse the actions in the wet t-shirt video. But if you want mateship and traditional male Aussie values, they are on display right here.)