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Montana to secede from world

Ever since Illinois' abortive attempt to change the value of Pi, US state legislatures have had a long tradition of creative and innovative bill-making. Currently before the Montana State Legislature is the "Montana Sovereignty Protection Act". If passed, it will reject the "authority of the United Nations over the territory or people of Montana, and applying penalties".

If passed, the bill will disavow recognition of the United Nations charter in Montana. The flying of the UN flag will be prohibited, any UN-based judicial decisions will have no jurisdiction, and any violations of the Act will be considered misdemeanours, with the fourth or more offence considered a felony.

On Friday the bill passed the second reading in the Montana house of reps by 51 votes to 49. Earlier in the week, they rejected a bill which would have mandated "intellectual diversity" in Montana tertiary institutions. "Intellectual diversity", it seems, having a similar definition to the Fox News Channel's "Fair and Balanced".

The Great Falls Tribune picks up the story on this one.

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