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Greens Youtube do dia

As I've already indicated elsewhere, I'm supporting The Greens in the March 24 state election. The state of the major parties is so bad that neither the ALP nor the Libs/Nats deserve to govern. The best we can do is hope for a hung parliament, with a Iemma minority government held to accountability by third parties and quality independents. The Greens have the best third-party credentials in my opinion, and a more sound choice than the unknown (and often unskilled) quantity of independent candidates in many cases.

Fiona Byrne is the Greens candidate in my electorate of Marrickville, where Minister for Education Carmel Tebbutt (AKA Mrs Albanese) is the sitting member. Ms Byrne has a realistic, though admittedly outside, chance of winning.

Today's Youtube do dia (Portuguese for Youtube du jour, and the pretentious term I shall be using from now on) has been around for a few weeks, but it is an introductory video about Fiona to kick off her online campaign (too bad she doesn't have a blog).