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Right said Fred

If ever there was an argument for the separation of church and state, his name is Fred Nile.

Member of the NSW Legislative Council since 1981 (except for two months in 2004 when he ran for the Senate), Australia's answer to Jerry Falwell is heading the Christian Democratic Party ticket for the Upper House in the March 24 election.

Reverend Nile (a retired Uniting Church minister) always his cards fairly and squarely on the table, and this press release issued last Saturday is no exception:

No More Muslims
Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Rev the Hon Fred Nile LTh ED MLC has called for an immediate moratorium on Islamic immigration.

Reverend Nile, who is the longest serving member of Australia’s first House of Parliament, the NSW Legislative Council, was speaking to supporters at North Ryde.

“There has been no serious study of the potential effects upon Australia of more than 300,000 Muslims who are already here,” said Reverend Nile. “Australians deserve a breathing space so the situation can be carefully assessed before Islamic immigration can be allowed to resume.”

“In the meantime, Australia should extend a welcoming hand to the many thousands of persecuted Christians who are presently displaced or at risk in the Middle East,” Fred Nile said. “Middle Eastern Christians including Assyrians, Maronites, Copts, Latin Catholics and Byzantine Catholics who have become splendid citizens of Australia are keen to facilitate the settlement in this country of their co-religionists now suffering Islamist persecution in Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen.”

Reverend Nile added: “I pray that within a decade, Muslims in Australia will clearly have demonstrated their commitment to Aussie values including democratic pluralism and the rights of women. We can then assess whether Muslim immigration should begin again.”

Reverend Fred Nile is leading the Christian Democratic Party’s high-calibre team of twenty-one committed Christians who are contesting seats in the New South Wales Legislative Council at the 24 March State Election. Fifty three Christian Democratic Party candidates are also running strongly in Legislative Assembly electorates across New South Wales.

“There are many reasons why it is appropriate for NSW voters to make a statement on a Federal issue as important as immigration,” said Reverend Fred Nile. “New South Wales has the benefit of a big share of Australia’s Middle Eastern Christians. They are rightly alarmed at the rapid growth in New South Wales of Islamic concentrations, where the English language is disregarded and Aussie family values are unknown or despised.”

(source: CDP website)

A follow-up press release issued yesterday concludes with the following unambiguous statement:

“Australia has had enough. No more Muslims.”

All I can say is: New South Wales has had enough. Kick Fred Nile out of parliament on March 24.