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Umm, they weren't already doing this?

Submitted by rickeyre on March 15, 2007 - 8:10am

It's Day Two of the World Cup, and the ICC has just agreed to allow spectators to take bottled water into the grounds so that they don't dehydrate.

Which begs a disturbing question... why has it taken them until now to consider a fundamental health issue at one of the world's major sporting events?

This just in from the World Cup organising body:


In a move to ensure that all spectators attending ICC Cricket World Cup matches are well hydrated, the CWC Security Directorate and the ICC have approved the bringing of bottled water into match venues, with immediate effect.

However, as a security measure, all bottle tops must be removed at the point of entry into every stadium.

ICC CWC WI 2007 Inc. says this decision was taken with "security and medical considerations in mind and with a view to making sure fans have access to as much water as possible while enjoying the cricket in the Caribbean's tropical environs. Water will not be permitted in any other types of containers and no liquid other than water will be allowed in plastic bottles.

"This is strictly a health matter and not a question of CWC’s safety and security policies being relaxed. We have been monitoring the weather forecasts throughout the region and the temperatures and humidity are projected to be high.

"The health of all persons at the stadia is of critical importance and keeping well hydrated is a major factor," noted Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse, Chair of CWC’s Medical, Health & Anti-Doping Directorate.

CWC 2007, she added, will continue its ongoing assessment of this situation throughout the tournament.

The ICC CWC 2007 Security Directorate comprises senior police operational commanders from each of the Local Security Committees (LSC) of the nine Host Venues as well as CWC Security Director, John Collymore, as chairman.


  • Drink liquids regularly throughout the course of the day, not just when you feel thirsty
  • If you feel thirsty, it is a sign that you may have already lost important fluids and could become dehydrated
  • Remember that glass and plastic bottles are not permitted to be brought into the venue. The only exception is bottled water with the cap removed.
  • If you are consuming alcohol or other caffeinated beverages, remember that they can decrease fluid intake or increase fluid loss
  • It you are feeling faint or dizzy, go to the nearest Medical Station at the stadium