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In my dreams...

This is how I would like to see the NSW State Election pan out tomorrow:

A hung parliament, led for now by the Labor Party with the Greens and progressive independents holding the balance of power, and getting a couple of cabinet places as part of the deal.

An upper house balanced by Greens, Democrats and other progressive minor parties, with the CDP(FNG), Shooters Party and other redneck small interest groups blown away.

Greens victories in Marrickville and Balmain... and let's go for broke here - Sydney, Heffron, Newcastle, Orange and... Vaucluse.

Let me just reiterate the last dream: Peter Manbed to lose his seat in Vaucluse.

My dreams indeed. Tonight, I'll say why I think a Iemma government is still the lesser of two evils, and why I think a vote for the Greens is consistent with Christian faith (at least, more often than with any other political party).

And, if I have time, a dissection of Marrickville and the Upper House.