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On the lntertubes again

The prospect of a John Howard video turning up on Youtube at 5am is about as enticing as the news of a new Osama bin Laden video turning up on Al Jazeera's doorstep. Just as chilling a prospect and, for that matter, just as irrelevant in the final washup.

The DMP (Dead Man Powerwalking) uses his latest video fatwa for the utterly bizarre announcement that he is, yet again, selectively usurping the authority of the state governments, this time in pork-barrelling a hospital in Devonport. JWH's politicking is becoming more and more reckless, and all the more disturbing, as he enters what must surely be his final months as The Worst Australian Prime Minister Since Billy McMahon.

Anyway, I'll wax lyrical on the Howard lunacy at another time. For now, let's roll the tubes...