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Get some pork on your fork in... Braddon

North-western Tasmania, including Devonport, Burnie, Smithton and King Island. Home of the Mersey Hospital, that most blatant of pork barrels that JWH announced on the Intertubes before even discussing it with the state government, and condemned by many as bad, populist, policy. Here is one of Bud Abbott's defences of the takeover.

The "World's Best Practice" Gunns pulp mill is another pork barrel, so long as you don't live near any of the dioxins spewing out of the plant, or want to fish in the Tamar River. But then, the pulp mill's in the Bass electorate.

They'll love the pulp mill in Braddon. Lots of jobs down the Bass Highway, and it's Not In Their Backyard!

The ALP's Sid Sidebottom got Lathamed out of Braddon in 2004. He's back in 2007, needing a 1.1 per cent swing to take it back from the Libs' Mark Baker. According to The Australian, the latest Newspoll suggests that Baker could retain his seat. There's analysis of the poll at The Poll Bludger.