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Youtubes do dia: Bob and Lyn and Kate and a singalong and Bob's John Howard moment

My selection of election ads for today. Firstly, - the Australian copy of the US's - got Lyn Allison, Bob Brown and Kate Lundy into the same ad (not all into the same shot) to support a vote against the Coalition in the Senate. Steve Fielding told Insiders on Sunday morning that he wasn't invited - would he have played ball anyway? And why did Labor send a nonentity such as Senator Lundy to do the GetUp gig? Why not John Faulkner, Penny Wong, or Stephen Conroy? (OK, not Conroy.)

Second, the Greens are attempting to show their credentials as a major political force by producing some professional-looking ads for mainstream television. Pity, then, that the jingle is so cheesy...

Finally, more of Dr Bob. His three-minute talking head video where he outlines the Greens' policies for this election. Alas, no free heroin anywhere in sight. But what's that he says 62 seconds into the clip?

"We will limit global warming by two degrees."

We will. Just like the Libs will keep interest rates at record lows?