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Merry Christmas

I've been a bit blogged out since the Ruddster was handed the controls of the nation, but my brain is slowly returning to gear now.

While it's still December 25 in those parts west of the Atlantic, I'd like to wish everyone who celebrates the occasion a Merry Christmas. As I've noted here in past years, I'm a firm believer in promoting the true purpose of celebrating the festivals of Advent and Christmas, and it was a very fulfilling experience for me to take part in the organisation of my church's Christmas carols by candlelight this year. It went well, despite some worries with the weather earlier in the day.

As we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our Lord Jesus, my thoughts go out to the Christian community in Palestine and Israel who have been caught in the figurative crossfire on the absurd tit-for-tat struggles between the IDF and the vigilante militia of various Palestinian groups.

I pray that the Christian residents of Bethlehem will live in peace, that their numbers will grow, and will grow in faith, and that they can live in harmony and without harassment from their Jewish or Islamic brethren.

I'd also like to wish my Islamic readers (though, regrettably, a couple of days late), a happy Eid ul-Adha.

And for those who enjoy the time off without seeking any spiritual significance, Happy Holidays.