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More to do, and by Joe, we'll do it.

Nathan's cabinet is in place. Reba Meagher jumped before she was pushed. Frank Sartor was pushed, and then gave a press conference to tell the world why Premier Rees was wrong. And Joe Tripodi? Well, he got promoted.

Not merely Minister for Ports and Waterways anymore, Joseph Guerino Tripodi, BEc(Hons) is now Minister for Infrastructure, Minister for Regulatory Reform, and Minister for Finance.

Joining Tripodi in the state Economic Dream Team is Eric Roozendaal, BA LLB. Two Labor right-wing heavies in charge of the nation's biggest basket case.

Roozendaal arrived in State Parliament by the time-honoured career path from Sussex Street to a Legislative Council casual vacancy. Labor NSW general secretary Roozendaal was parachuted into the Legislative Council in June 2004 after Tony Burke won a Federal by-election. As Burke was elected to the Legislative Council in the 2003 state election, his replacement does not face the polls until 2011.

Let's just recap that: Eric Roozendaal has become State Treasurer without ever being elected to parliament.

Following is a list of the ministers in the new Rees government, annotated in this press release from Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon with the amounts they have received in donations for their election campaigns in 2003 and 2007. Those with zero against their name are members of the upper house who don't have individual campaigns, and Mr Roozendaal, who doesn't need campaign funding for another three years:

Greens analysis of the donations disclosed by Premier Nathan Rees' new
Cabinet Ministers today shows that they have taken nearly $2 million in
campaign donations, and the biggest fundraisers have been rewarded most
highly in the reshuffle.

"Donations scandals will continue to dog this government until they end
their donations culture and introduce a total ban on corporate donations,"
said Greens MP Lee Rhiannon.

New Cabinet Ministers
$ Donations disclosed for 2003 and 2007 election campaigns

Minister for Police and Minister for the Illawarra - Matt Brown 348,823

Minister for Fair Trading, Minister for Citizenship and
Minister Assisting the Premier for Arts - Virginia Judge. 348,049

Minister for Gaming and Racing, Sport and Recreation - Kevin Greene. 209,964

Minister for Planning and Redfern-Waterloo - Kristina Keneally. 169,766

Minister for Transport - David Campbell. 147,220

Minister for Finance, Infrastructure, Regulatory Reform and Ports and
Waterways - Joe Tripodi. 132,916

Deputy Premier, Minister for Climate Change and the Environment
and Minister for Commerce - Carmel Tebbutt. 100,468

Minister for Local Government and Minister Assisting the
Minister for Health (mental health) - Barbara Perry. 87,845

Minister for Roads - Michael Daley. 71,575

Minister for Tourism and Minister for the Hunter - Jodi McKay. 70,462

Premier, Minister for the Arts - Nathan Rees. 70,148

Minister for Community Services - Linda Burney. 43,312

Minister for Housing and Minister for Western Sydney - David Borger. 40,225

Minister for Small Business, Minister for Science and Medical Research
and Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (cancer) - Tony Stewart. 37,738

Minister for Education and Training and Minister for Women - Verity Firth. 31,435

Minister for Juvenile Justice, Volunteering and Youth - Graham West. 20,573

Minister for Water, Minister for Rural Affairs and Minister for
Regional Development - Phil Costa. 15,139

Minister for Ageing, Minister for Disability Services and
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs - Paul Lynch. 8,061

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice - John Hatzistergos. 0

Minister for Health, Minister for the Central Coast
and Vice President of the Executive Council - John Della Bosca. 0

Minister for Industrial Relations, Emergency Services, Lands - Tony Kelly. 0

Minister for Primary Industries, Energy, Mineral Resources and State
Development - Ian Macdonald. 0

Treasurer - Eric Roozendaal. 0