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Videos do dia: Mixing politics and Monday Night Football

According to Richard Sandomir in Tuesday's New York Times, only one man has gone to become US President after making an appearance in the Monday Night Football commentary box. That man was Ronald Reagan. According to Sandomir,

Reagan was the governor of California in 1973 when he was spotted in the back of ABC’s booth talking football fundamentals to John Lennon, an incongruous sight to any sensate human aware of the men’s politics. Grasping the moment, Howard Cosell told Frank Gifford to talk to Reagan, and, "I'll take the Beatle."

Neither was physically present at the Steelers v Redskins game this Monday night, but ESPN's Chris Berman interviewed both leading presidential candidates on Monday for screening during half-time of the MNF program.

Pity it wasn't a Cardinals v Bears game.