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The biggest issue in Queensland today

No it's not the refereeing in the Broncs' win over the Strom last night, nor is it Anna Bligh's foolish and needless bid to forfeit government to the Borg later today.

Today's Courier-Mail reports that Netball Queensland has banned the eating of oranges at half-time, arguing that the high acid levels in citrus is damaging to the enamel on players' teeth, especially when they are dehydrated.

A statement issued by Netball Queensland yesterday states, however, that they do not discourage athletes from eating oranges.

Netball Queensland links to a fact sheet on the Sports Dietitians Australia website concerning healthy eating for netball players. But where, dear conspiracy theorists, is the word "orange"?

As with all good Murdoch comic books, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.