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Supreme Court upholds Prep.H, allows Pi=3.2 equations prior to Nov. to stand

Californian Supreme Court judges today upheld a constitutional amendment enshrining the value of Pi as 3.1415926535(etc etc etc). The amendment, known as Preparation H, was supported by a majority of Californian voters at a referendum last year.

The decision enraged Pi=3.2 activists, however they did score a small victory today when the Court ruled that Preparation H did not apply to any calculation in which the equals sign had been struck before November 3, 2008.

In delivering his decision, the Chief Justice said "Pi=3.2 mathematicians continue to enjoy the same substantive core benefits ... as those enjoyed by pi=3.1415926535(etc etc etc) exponents, including the constitutional right to occasionally claim that 9+5=13 and to forget to carry the one when manually adding up the grocery bill."

Spokespersons for the North Korean government were unavailable for comment as they were underground conducting tests on E=MC2. God was said to be elated at the decision, but He was moving in mysterious ways this morning and did not return calls to His Royal Telephone.