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Climate change denial quotes of the week

"I believe the greatest threat to this nation’s environment right now is not global warming but feral animals and noxious weeds."

John Cobb, The Punch, 11.8.09

"I reiterate that the problem with CO2 is 400 parts per million. Imagine if all that roof were illuminated and there were 20 or 30 cockroaches up there. This is like saying that we would not see anything in this room because of the few cockroaches up there. Mr Deputy Speaker, it is 400 parts per million. Are you telling me seriously that the world is going to warm because there are 400 parts per million of CO2 up there? If you know anything about science, you realise how utterly preposterous that proposition is, how absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous it is."

Bob Katter, House of Reps, 11.8.09

"I am happy to revisit the issue following the outcome of the Copenhagen conference. But until that time I cannot support a multibillion-dollar tax on our economy when the government cannot even provide me with sufficient evidence to suggest that we need to be reducing carbon dioxide emissions at all in the first place."

Steve Fielding, Senate, 13.8.09

And the climate change ignoramus of the week, on the subject of the cost and the carbon footprint of his band's latest world tour:

"We're spending the money on our fans, I don't think there's a better thing you could spend it on."

The Edge, BBC Online, 15.8.09