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One day of climate action is never enough

"Dear @KevinRuddPM, we elected you to fight #climatechange. You're not doing enough. No compromise in Canberra or Copenhagen pls. Thank you."

- my contribution to TweetHour, 9:15 AM Oct 24th

Saturday October 24 was a huge day for worldwide demonstrations of support for action on climate change, most of it focussing on the number 350 - accepted as the safe level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (in parts per million) for the prevention of dagerous global warming.

There's a lot more to the perils of climate change, of course, and for all the parties on October 24 the gravity of the problem must not be forgotten. It now, sadly, seems likely that world leaders will not Seal The Deal at COP15 in Copenhagen next month, but we must still push for substantial progress and a meaningful consensus - and binding agreement as soon as possible afterwards.

Extensive coverage of the events on and around October 24, 2009 start at