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Adelaide Day Four: Together again, Chris Gayle and his act

Submitted by rickeyre on December 8, 2009 - 10:31am

Monday December 7 2009 was the day when all criticism of Christopher Henry Gayle must cease.

Gayle did everything that should be expected of an opening batsman-captain leading by example. Even if few of his team-mates did much to follow.

Gayle batted all day Monday, and added 143 runs to take the West Indies from a small innings lead to a position from where they should not lose - 296 runs in front, two wickets in hand, and one day with a dodgy weather forecast in hand. All of his criticism of the future of Test cricket can be forgotten for now, as can those reckless first innings slogs in both the First and Second Tests.

Australia has enough batsmen all capable of scoring a run-a-ball Test hundred to make a target of 300 in two-plus session tangible. If Gayle wants to move up a couple of notches in West Indies Cricket Legend status, he has to own Tuesday at the Adelaide Oval. Suleiman Benn will be his chief weapon.

Showers are forecast for Tuesday morning. Once they get out of the way, we should have a Day Five To Look Forward To.