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We have candidates.

The complete lists of candidates in all House of Representatives seats and Senate contests were released by the Australian Electoral Commission tonight.

Here are the people I will have to choose from, in order as they will appear on the respective ballots, and with hyperlinks to party and candidate pages where known. There are six candidates in Grayndler, while in the Senate there are a bewildering 84 candidates for New South Wales in what appears to be 33 groups.

For Grayndler:
James Cogan (Socialist Equality Party);
Pip Hinman (Socialist Alliance);
Alexander Dore (Liberal);
Anthony Albanese (Labor);
Sam Byrne (The Greens);
Perry Garofani (Australian Democrats).

The full listing for the NSW Senate candidates is at the Australian Electoral Commission website. For now, I'll just do a quick rundown of the political parties where noted:
Socialist Alliance;
Building Australia;
Senator On-Line;
Communist Alliance;
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia;
Australian Democrats;
The Climate Sceptics;
Secular Party of Australia;
Shooters and Fishers;
Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia;
Australian Sex Party;
Socialist Equality Party;
Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting);
Family First;
Carers Alliance;
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group);
One Nation;
The Greens;
Liberal Democrats (LDP).

There are nine "untitled" tickets, generally political parties without the official registration. Cheryl Kernot leads one of those "untitled" groups, David Barker, the recently disendorsed Liberal candidate for Chifley another. Another un-named group appears to be the Stable Population Party of Australia. There are five individual independents listed in the final (33rd?) column.