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Are we half-way there yet?

"With just over two weeks left, that’s 16 24-hour media cycles or, in less mathematical phrasing, an eternity."

- Bernard Keane, in a paywalled article for Crikey, 5.8.10

Permit me to editorialise on the 2010 federal election with this summary spanning two sentences: The Labor Party deserves to lose the election. However, Australia doesn't deserve the alternative, namely the Liberals winning it.

Furthermore, my personal voting intentions are almost (but not absolutely) locked in: Sam Byrne in the lower house for Grayndler, and Lee Rhiannon heading the Greens ticket for the Senate in New South Wales. Minor preferences in both ballots totally up in the air. Detailed explanation of my reasons can come later.

While I've intentionally insulated myself from most of the broadcast media during the election campaign thus far, I did listen in last night on Kevin Rudd's first interview since The Glorious Revolution Of June The Twenty-Fourth. Given to, of all people, the Anti-Belford himself, Phillip Adams, on ABC's Radio National. The transcript and audio can be found here.

It was great to hear the Ruddster's voice again, especially so soon after his gall bladder operation. More nervous laughter than usual, but you know something? He said "You know something" four times in the interview. His loyalty to his party and his leader should now be put beyond doubt. Pity, though, is his self-consciousness about possible reaction to his future involvement in the Labor campaign.

Now, can the vultures of the media please leave the honourable member for Griffith be, and focus on the policy directions taken by the major three or four parties in the election? That's not too hard a task, is it?

Oh it is? Sorry. Back to Julia's ear lobes then?