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Recommended election bloggage

You know something? Here's some of the best places to go for bloggage about the 2010 federal election, moving forward. That'll stop the boats!

The ABC seems to be the definitive starting point for all things relating to the election. It includes a live(ish) blog which makes for a great overview of events. Also comprehensive psephological analysis from Antony Green, and group bloggage (is that legal?) at The Drum. Special - nay exceptional - mention to the oeuvre of Annabel Crabb.

Among other Old Media organisations atteempting to rebirth with mixed success, there is Chateau Fairfax's Decision 2010. Special mention here of the account from the campaign trail of twitterato extraordinaire Latika Bourke.

There's The Australian.

Crikey is doing a great job, more so than ever before I believe. Much of their material is paywalled, but well worth the subscription, especially First Dog On The Moon - nonetheless, some content is available for free, including their blogs.

Among independent bloggers, Grog's Gamut has a fine daily diary - note well Day 14's spray at the media coverage of the election.

Larvatus Prodeo is a noteworthy group blog on Australian politics and society doing at least its second federal election. Another who I read and respect is economist John Quiggin.

I may (or may not) add more names to this list as the election progresses. Individual items that I find interesting will be posted to delicious with the "aus-election-2010" tag.

Addendum August 7: From the Olde Meeja, allow me to add Laurie Oakes' weekly column in the Herald Sun.