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How I'm voting

In the interests of transparency, and with no professional reason not to do so, I have been posting my voting intentions in each federal, state and local government election in which I have voted, on this blog since 2004. Here are my intentions for the 2011 NSW state election:

Lower House in the seat of Marrickville:

1 Fiona Byrne (Greens)
2 Carmel Tebbutt (Labor)

No other preferences among the other candidates, which are: James Cogan (ungrouped, but actually Socialist Equality Party); Rosana Tyler (Liberal); Jimmy Liem (Family First); Kylie Lawrence (Fred Nile Big Band); Paul Quealy (independent); Pip Hinman (Socialist Alliance).

Upper House - Below the line:

1 - 4: top four of Greens ticket (David Shoebridge, Jan Barham, Jeremy Buckingham, Lesa de Leau);
5 - 7: on Labor ticket, top three names excluding Roozendaal, Donnelly and Kelly, namely: 5 - Penny Sharpe, 6 - Peter Primrose, 7 - Andrew Ferguson;
8 - John Hatton;
9 - Arthur Chesterfield-Evans (Democrats);
10 - Gordon Moyes (Family First);
11 - 15: next five names on Greens ticket (Chris Harris, Brami Jegatheeswaran, Terri Latella, Brian Mason, Lynne Saville).