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Borking the geborken

Things have been a glorious blend of quiet and shambolic on my website these past couple of months.

Quiet because Twitter has become my primary means of short on-line communication; quiet because I have not had the energy to compose longer on-line communications with any lucidity; and quiet because my upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has not gone as well as I would have liked.

Many features are broken, some permanently, which means quite a few broken links for now. Broken images (which, to be fair, have been broken for a lot longer than two months) are slowly being restored individually.

I have been toying with the idea of closing this blog and moving to the clouds - either Tumblr or Posterous. But for now these are not long-term options. I'm not returning to Wordpress, which I used prior to 2006. Not that I am fiercely opposed to Wordpress, but if I am going to retain my own webspace, I may as well remain faithful to the increasingly challenging beast that is Drupal.

Behind the scenes there are a lot of errors happening on this site that appear associated with the version upgrade on Drupal, and for now I have switched the news aggregators off. I am guessing that no one was reading them any more. One small plus is that I have started a cron-driven daily archive of my tweets.

I don't see much long-form blogging from me in the foreseeable future. It really depends what sort of feedback I get. If, as I suspect, my blog is barely being read by humans any more, then there is not point trying to make a noise in the forest.

What I will try to do is make the archive searches friendlier, especially in relation to the stuff I have written about cricket, the last three federal elections, the Athens and Beijing Olympics, and the passion for baseball for which I no longer have the time or resources.

(Google's draconian zapping of my Adsense account in 2009 has made maintenance of this blog less attractive too, I shall admit.)

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