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Daily Twitter Posts - 26/10/2011

22:25 Cate and Geoffrey read their autocues like they're presenting the Oscars for best set construction. #atthemovies #
22:13 Ok. We have SBS footage. #atthemovies #margaretanddavid #
22:10 Now, to celebrate 18 years of The Movie Show and 7 years of At The Movies. Where's Silvio? #atthemovies #margaretanddavid #
22:08 Dear oh dear @AlboMP :) #hamster #
21:52 Washington Post factchecker @GlennKesslerWP gives Rick Perry’s flat tax plan Three Pinocchios - #
20:35 @Kimbo_Ramplin I've seen some casual references to "25 years of At The Movies" in ABC emails - yet to see SBS and The Movie Show named. #
20:17 I wonder how much acknowledgment SBS will receive in the Margaret and David 25th anniversary show tonight. #atthemovies #
18:25 I bet Alan Cadman would have known what is and isn't a "tax". #auspol #
17:58 Congratulations Canada - gold medallists! #baseball RT @IBAF_Baseball: Results Pan American Games October 25 #
17:47 Happy Diwali to everyone! #
17:22 Can a drum jump a shark? RT @abcthedrum: Drumpoll: should the Queen disolve parliament? #
16:01 Draw. RT @cricketicc: Who do you think will win the second Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka? #
15:16 ROFL. RT @JohnJohnsonson: Found this great way to get around The Australian's new paywall: #
14:24 @InnerWestNews You need more stories about crazed ibis attacks or mysterious bandicoot sightings. Alas I can't help with either. #
13:21 So when will Tony Abbott rescind leadership of the Liberal Party back to Malcolm Turnbull? #auspol #
13:18 Uh oh. RT @JustinianNews: NSW Supreme Court has issued a super injunction. No details are allowed to be reported. #
12:04 As non-stories go, this is a doozy. RT @InnerWestNews: Have you heard the mysterious hum disturbing the inner west? #
10:21 @Wil_Anderson: The "Today Tonight" ethics manual. #ThingsIdLikeToSeeGrantDenyerPullOutOfACow #
09:00 Editor of "Fishing World" supports Tony Burke's decision. RT @Seasaver: Pew loses battle for Coral Sea #
07:31 *facepalm* MT @newcastleherald: #Newcastle Council refused offer from @barryofarrell to help solve Laman St #figs farce #