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Daily Twitter Posts - 01/11/2011

19:32 @Kosmikray or close all the schools without warning #
19:25 Teachers Federation stop work mtg tomorrow morning. It's just as well Alan Joyce isn't head of the NSW Education Dept. #nswpol #
19:01 #cricket #bdvwi MT @wicricnews: A win in this test will be the first time since 2003 that WI has recorded 2 test wins in a calendar year. #
15:36 I must say it was nice of Rob Oakeshott to ghost-write the GG's speech today. #melbcup #
15:33 Quentin Bryce is not living up to the benchmark set by John Kerr in 1977. #melbcup #
15:31 Typical. Google "upgrades" my Reader while I'm distracted by the Melbourne Cup. #
15:11 Breaking news: 22 horses fail to win #MelbourneCup. Just not sure which 22. #
12:16 Adieu. RT @Ten630: Hi all, we'll be shutting this account down soon. For news updates, please follow @channeltennews and @theprojecttv #
11:40 My tip for the #melbournecup: If you don't follow the ponies 363 days of the year, don't pretend to be an expert for the other two. #
08:28 Newslocal being, just like the NIV Bible, a Murdoch subsidiary. #
08:27 Identical tweets from every Newslocal account RT @InnerWestNews: Go on, do tell. Did you dress up a little for today's Melbourne Cup offi... #
08:02 Murdoch's Harper Collins already owns many translations of the Bible. Now it's buying another big Christian publisher - #
07:15 Hey @breakfastnews can you show me on a map "Sydney's west coast" as mentioned in your headlines ticker. #abc1 #