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Daily Twitter Posts - 05/11/2011

22:38 Oh. Come on Zimbabwe! Live scores - #cricket #zimvnz #
22:17 Sri Lankan military take over maintenance of three #cricket venues as Sri Lanka Cricket can't afford to. - #
19:56 Goodness me. The official #NRL draw for 2012 includes an official Twitter hashtag for each game! #
18:43 Our church's Movie Under The Stars is not getting off to a great start... unless the movie is a meant to be this morning's Weekend Sunrise. #
14:47 Villawood. RT @lyndalcurtis: The G20 will be in Aust in 2014. Which city should it be in? I'm voting for Queanbeyan. #
14:46 So when does Ian Thorpe race Black Caviar? #
08:07 So Ireland has beaten Australia in a made-up footy game as well as the Rugby World Cup. Bring 'em on in the #cricket, please! #
08:02 What, you mean Weekend @SunriseOn7 doesn't have a three-hour Prue MacSween highlights reel on standby? #sun7 #
07:21 Oops. RT @LATimessports: Kelly Slater isn't new world champ yet; ASP says it made an error #
07:12 The one Saturday I decide to watch Weekend @SunriseOn7 and it has tech difficulties. Fear not, the "Beyond Tomorrow" rerun is interesting. #