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Daily Twitter Posts - 29/11/2011

21:04 I'm glad that I'm catching up with Immigration Nation on #SBS1 having missed it first time around. #
20:44 Girl who Googled her way to US national #cricket team - Express India - #
17:11 Congratulations to Steve Bernard @stevebernard37, appointed new ICC Regional Referee for the East-Asia Pacific (EAP) region #cricket #
17:02 Hey there's a thought. Ricky Ponting 12th man! MT @SENNEWS: Who should be 12th man for the first test? Will Ricky last the summer? #cricket #
14:58 Great pic of the opening of the 2011 county #cricket season under a full moon in Abu Dhabi. Great work @garethcopley - #
14:43 I should be a credit ratings agency. Chuck 200 countries into a hat and issue press releases like "Djibouti Retains Rolled Gold AAA Status" #
10:13 Never heard of them. As in Abercrombie & Fitch? RT @GrogsGamut: RT @Kieran_Gilbert: Fitch ratings upgrades Australia from AA+ to AAA #auspol #
10:10 "Welcome Back Kotter star and poker afficionado Gabe Kaplan..." So that's where the last 30 years went? #
10:04 Can I just say here and now that Java (the software platform, not the island) is so 1995? #grrr #