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Daily Twitter Posts - 02/12/2011

22:25 Why is @nswpolice re-tweeting the twitter feed of NZ's Bay of Plenty police? #
21:39 Sri Lanka #Cricket says it is about to pay its international players 40% of outstanding moneys owing to them - #
20:44 Transparency International cuts ties with FIFA who ignored two of its key reform recommendations - #
20:27 He's here! Welcome to Twitter the great man himself, @therealskull Kerry O'Keeffe! #cricket #
17:00 Ha. RT @wwos9: Top notch 50 from Ponting, but he needs to keep going! 'Like' if you think he can go on and make a big century! #
16:29 Ha. The viewers are rightfully taking the piss out of @wwos9's dopey question. #cricket #ausvnz #
16:26 And on first glance there's no way to mute the (android) app without silencing the phone. If that's correct, uninstall time is coming. #
16:23 and what a stupid question. "Will Ponting make 50?" He's on 42. Show some respect even if he calls for dodgy singles. #cricket @wwos9 #
16:21 Oh FFS Vodafone #cricket app. Don't make that noise at me just because #ch9 has another bloody question to answer. #