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Daily Twitter Posts - 01/01/2012

23:51 This item from the NY Times baseball blog comes with one of 2011's most awesome corrections - #baseball #LOTR #
23:06 A fairly pointless #nswpol #Newspoll. If anything it shows that Labor has had barely any rebound since the last election. #
21:47 There is no better way to follow the Vienna #newyearsconcert than with @BernardKeane's live-tweeting, and no sound or vision. #
21:01 The ANC's centenary is approaching RT @mailandguardian History may be written by the victors, but who gets top billing? #
20:51 A curious choice for the two people who @rupertmurdoch follows. No one from Newscorp! #
20:01 One good thing about New Year is that all those American NGOs have stopped emailing me asking for tax-deductible donations. #
19:01 From Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports): Final piece of year for @thenation 2011: The Year I Learned to Hate College Football #
18:47 Sad news. He led our qualifying campaign for the 1982 WC RT @abcgrandstand Former Socceroos captain Murray Barnes dies: #
18:44 I haven't switched the TV on since December 30 and thus have seen no HNY footage, and I don't feel deprived one little bit :) #
18:39 This is a parody account, obviously run by morons :( MT @CNNBREAKlNG #BREAKING Tsunami Alert for Japan #
18:23 The Olympics are this year? Blerrgh #
14:54 Wondering if John Howard obtained his Order of Merit on merit. #auspol #
12:00 70 full calendar years after his death, the works of James Joyce come out of copyright. Time for that Finnegan's Wake mashup... #
11:52 So how did @rupertmurdoch get a verified badge so quickly? #
09:45 Adam Shand's disturbing article on Peter Roebuck in today's Sunday Age paints a tragic picture indeed - #
08:15 I love the peace and serenity of a glorious New Years morning while the metropolis sleeps. #
00:02 If you want three more verses the rest is at #auldlangsyne #
00:02 And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp / and surely I'll be mine / and we'll tak a cup o'kindness yet / for auld lang syne. [rpt chorus] #
00:02 Ok, for those of you who require the second verse of Auld Lang Syne, here it comes: #
00:01 Happy new year! #