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Daily Twitter Posts - 04/01/2012

21:17 Only 5 months away! RT @UNEPandYou Whats coming up for this years #worldenvironmentday? Check the new #wed2012 website! #
18:10 @TheAviator1992 what a loss to the world that he never took on Kim Jong-Il at golf #
18:07 Tony Abbott may make things up, but you sure as hell can't make him up! #auspol #
13:10 It's just a bloody caucus it's not even a proper primary yet alone the presidential election aaargh #iowa Now back to @rickeyrecricket #
12:51 The word "disproportionate" was invented for the rolling coverage of the Iowa Caucus. #
09:37 There's a Hopman Cup this year? If it's not on the ABC it's dead to me. #
08:57 I'd contribute to #lessambitiousbooks except that the trauma of #cricketmovies is likely to stay with me for the rest of 2012. #