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Daily Twitter Posts - 02/02/2012

21:42 "The people smuggler who became a shonky plumber" RT @ChrisBath7 Looking forward to mike willesees first report this weekend @sundaynighton7 #
20:44 I have decided. I am having Tumblr *and* Posterous. One each as a companion for each of my Twitter accounts :) #
17:36 Before professional boxing became a joke, there were legends like trainer Angelo Dundee, who has died aged 90 - #
17:23 One last call for opinions: #tumblr or #posterous? #
17:11 It's always fun opening the last lot of Christmas presents when they arrive on February 2. #
16:25 Some interesting methods. RT @RAPacific: PNG puts its finger on mathematics learning #
15:32 Go Alan Joyce! RT @Simon_Cullen: Qantas has announced carbon tax surcharge to apply from July 1. Starting from $1.82 per flight #
15:30 Horrible news from Papua New Guinea - #png #
11:15 I'd have thought @insightSBS could do better than: "Today we ask - who do you think Australia's prime minister will be in June this year?" #
11:12 @cityofsydney let's hope this comes to fruition :) #
07:40 Ok I think @CityRail_Info can safely be unfollowed as it is clearly not an official account. #nswgovt #heygladys #
07:35 And you worry about cane toads. RT @newscientist: Ecologist says: I think we should let elephants loose in Australia #
07:06 In today's SMH Roy Masters absurdly overplays the significance of yesterday's Federal Court case won by Optus #nrl #afl #
07:01 All this outrage over the Optus court verdict ignores the fact that TV Now is actually a shoddy product. I stopped using it a while back. #
06:08 Umm... No. RT @guardianeco: Should Australia introduce elephants and rhinos into the outback? #