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Daily Twitter Posts - 03/02/2012

20:09 Hmm. RT @guardiantech: Google fined £400,000 in France for making its Maps service free #
16:17 @saileshkrish me, follow the primaries? Wake me up when the conventions are over! #
15:44 If @klout says I'm an expert on the Republican Party then it must be true! #
14:18 #groundhogday Raw Video: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow: via @youtube #
13:47 must say it's amusing to see how we Aussies have taken Groundhog Day out of context thanks to the Bill Murray movie #
13:29 PM XI v Sri Lanka #cricket at Manuka Oval washed out. Insert tomorrow's Dennis Shanahan analysis here. #auspol #
12:38 And that be my Orkut account deleted :) #
12:06 From today's Canberra Times, Senator Gary Humphries compares the SIEVX tragedy to Pink Batts - #auspol #sievx #
11:48 Not that Miranda. RT @SenatorBobBrown: Congratulations Miranda on your record 52 days aloft in the giant Tassie trees #
11:04 Yawn. RT @michaelidato: Breaking: Michael Willesee's first i/v for @sundaynighton7 will be PM @JuliaGillard. #
10:26 RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre RT @rickeyre Groundhog Day! #
02:03 Oh dear. RT @iSportconnect: MTV to Broadcast Lingerie Bowl as a Prelude to Super Bowl #