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Daily Twitter Posts - 04/03/2012

14:59 Currently 91.39% no :) RT @theprojecttv: Web Poll: Should Clive Palmer be made a 'National Living Treasure'? #
12:49 The whole exercise is trivialised right there. MT @nationaltrustau: The National Trust of Australia (NSW) in association with Woman’s Day... #
11:54 Six fully deserving new National #LivingTreasures, and Clive Palmer. Awkward. #
08:12 Separated at birth? #
07:59 Does this mean @bobjcarr will be even less on Twitter? RT @JHutcheon: Carr winds back personal views #
00:32 Clive Palmer to be named as a National Living Treasure today? No wonder there's an uproar brewing. - #