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Daily Twitter Posts - 17/03/2012

21:31 Now listening to the infamous Mike Daisey Apple episode of This American Life, after which I shall listen to the retraction episode #
21:15 Only 21 games to go, Parramatta. #nrlnqlpar #
21:14 IRIN Africa | SECURITY: Fighting Kony with beer, spy planes and YouTube #
20:18 So when do the Eels start playing? #nrlnqlpar #
14:12 If Julian Assange wants to join the Senate he needs to follow standard procedure and become an office-bearer of the NSW Labor Party first. #
11:33 Did Tony Abbott really use a tribute to Margaret Whitlam to take a pot-shot at Gough's government? #
10:39 I hope the Australian Swimming Championships pause today to remember 1938 Empire Games competitor Margaret Dovey, later Whitlam. #
08:42 vale Margaret Whitlam 1919-2012. Wife of Gough, and a great Australian in her own right - #
08:06 Clive Churchill, you will always be The Little Master to me. #