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Daily Twitter Posts - 20/04/2012

21:50 Australia wins. I long for the days when State of Origin will be a selection trial for the Tests and not the other way round. #nrl #
20:50 Flybuys. They won't work and they will hurt. #
20:44 Poll: Should the City v Country game be kept? #nrl #cvc #rugbyleague #linkedin #
20:41 Oh no. Are we getting a Fly Buys advertorial at half time in the #anzactest? #
20:37 FIFA's insistance on legalised beer sales at the 2014 World Cup is resisted by the Brazilian senate RT @playthegame_org #
20:15 So which Australian actresses said no before Dawn French was brought in to do the Fly Buy ads? #
19:59 No! Sheesh. RT @harves60: Does the iinet result mean everythings fair game? Download what you like and the copyright owner can go whistle? #
19:57 So nice of ch9 to start the #anzactest telecast nearly 15 mins before the actual game ends. Reasons why they should not regain the TV rights #
19:45 One Direction guest stars on Australia's Funniest Home Videos? #irrelevanceoverdose #
17:34 Me too. RT @stilgherrian: I think something creepy and potentially unethical just happened in NSW politics. #
17:22 Goodness me. Mark Tobin jumps from ABC state political reporter over to BOF's media team. I hope confidentiality applies re prev employment. #
14:27 If I only choose one #ff this week it has to be @PhillipAdamsABC. How did Twitter ever cope without him? #
13:54 It would keep me away if I attacked a caterpillar. RT @CSIROhelix: Solo caterpillars vomit to defend themselves. Eww. #
13:01 Every now and then Mark Latham writes something brilliant. Today is one of those days - #climatechange #
11:06 Beats talking with the media I suppose. RT @Imresal: Labor MP Luke Foley is holding a press conference with a koala: #
09:32 Emerging conflicts between new Knights signing Willie Mason @mase21's Twitter manner and the club's media policies #NRL #