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Daily Twitter Posts - 01/05/2012

21:09 Imagine my disappointment to learn that Charles Taylor Consulting has nothing to do with Liberia #
20:52 Wow. RT @mediaguardian: Rupert Murdoch 'not fit' to lead major international company, MPs conclude #
18:50 Pass. RT @RT_com: Watch the third episode of #Assange's The World Tomorrow on RT at 11:30GMT #
15:33 Look who blinked! MT @BrettKeeble: Tinkler still @NewcastleJetsFC owner & @HunterSportsGrp to honour 10yr @FFA licence. #
14:47 Reminds me to ring St George and find out why they've started charging me a $3 service fee every second month. #rba #banks #
14:44 @upulie it's tailored for the "I said he said" so-called balanced journalism #
14:42 @upulie well that's it. Running the country is a bit more time consuming than opposing the running of the country #
14:40 Is that Bill Shorten I hear saying "but it's a week early!" ? #auspol #
14:37 @upulie his office has discovered the power of trolling #
14:36 43 minutes. 11 answers. Could someone just buy him a kindle to read at the airport next time? #
14:33 So let me guess... NAB will raise 0.5, ANZ up 0.4 and Westpac up 0.00998 #auspol #rba #
14:30 @upulie it's not actually backfiring for him because it's so brief and useless. Just makes the tweeps who fall for the bait look stupid #
14:23 Can't see any practical purpose for these ad hoc #asktony sessions except to make him look savvier than Gillard (and maybe Turnbull) #auspol #
14:17 So #asktony lasted for 6 minutes before he vanished? #
13:10 hmm. Considering her track record on Twitter, is this a good idea #london2012 #
12:46 Apparently there are currently 1197 football clubs on Twitter worldwide with 28,707,607 followers (give or take a few) #
12:12 Who cares? The banks will ignore it again RT @ABCNews24 Reserve Bank May interest rates decision at 2:30pm AEST. Live coverage on #ABCNews24 #