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Daily Twitter Posts - 03/05/2012

22:11 #jorunalists? MT @upstartmagazine: Should online #jorunalists feel threatened by new #technology?" #
20:02 For some unknown reason I was thinking the other day "Whatever happened to Edith Bliss?" Now, sadly, I know :( She was my age. #
19:58 Sad news. RT @Kimbo_Ramplin: RT @GeoffField: RIP Edith Bliss from Simon Townsend's Wonderworld. #
17:40 actually, Oporto Mermaids sounds like a @dannolan_ebooks creation. #qanda #
17:35 I got so worked up about Scott Morrison that I said I was RTing when I was just sharing a link #
17:33 Have I ever mentioned what an appalling, scaremongering, inhumane being is Scott Morrison? RT #auspol #
17:30 Will it be streamed? #hockey MT @Kookaburras: @Kookaburras take on Germany in London today at 4.15pm [BST]. Follow live on Twitter in Oz #
17:13 Wait. The Fisherman's Friend Sharks cheerleaders are called the Oporto Mermaids? #nrl #
13:02 The man who was sent a Coles Flybuys card 15 years after his death - #
12:59 The Australian Olympic uniform is... um, drab. #london2012 #
08:40 Kindle Phone? You have to wonder why this hasn't happened sooner. #
06:39 Are these related topics? MT @thetodayshow: the govt's plan for paid homestay of asylum seekers: have we given up on border security? #
06:37 Do you always list No before Yes as poll choices? RT @tenbreakfast: Today's poll: Would you house a refugee? Vote here: #